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Climb that Damn Mountain

Because in the end, you won’t
remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your
lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
-Jack Kerouac-

Which is your “damn mountain” to climb…?

Maybe perfecting you Karate? Writing a book? Growing your knowledge of Philosophy? Daring to run the Ironman?

Everyone has a true passion to hone, perfect and grow. We call it our Ikigai

Ogimi villager

Ogimi, a little village of just 3,000 inhabitants in Okinawa, boasts the highest longevity index in the world. The Spaniard Hector Garcia together with the Catalan Francesc Miralles went there to find out the secret of why so many people live more than a hundred years in Ogimi. They found it. Francesc and Hector coined that secret “Ikigai“.

Besides actively continuing chatting and interacting with all people in Ogimi thanks to a warm climate that invites them to stay on the street -instead of becoming a solitary couch potato in front of the TV set at old age- the centenarians there find a suitable hobby, their Ikigai, which turns into a passion and keeps them waking up early every morning with a smile on their face. Be it growing vegetables or making rattan baskets that they can later sell or gift, their Ikigai gives them a sense of purpose and keeps them alive.

Your one or two True Passions, are your Ikigai.

But how do I find my true Ikigai?

We’ll recognize our True Passion, because we cannot live without doing it.
If you meditate for two weeks but then abandon the practice for a month, forget it. Zazen is not your thing. If you realize that you need to play cards every single week, you’ve found your True Passion -and your life mission: “to become the best cardsharper you can be to make a better world by relieving your friends from that harmful money they would otherwise invest in growing a fat belly by indulging in gallons of cheap canned beer or cake, or -worst yet- relinquishing their mental health and sense of reality by purchasing the latest fad in self-help books.

The key to finding our True Self seems thus to be asking ourselves: What do I NEED to do on a weekly -sometimes daily- basis? If it’s jogging, investing in just one Spartan Race, Dirty Girl Mud Run or Zombie Mud Run could change your life and get yourself self-actualized. Maybe Ironman will be your stepping stone towards self-fulfillment.

Think now about your one or two likely true passions which you need to do every day or at least every week. Dare to contrast them with the ones that people who know you well would say that match your most authentic self like fist and eye.

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