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Burn Your Self-Help Books – Now!

January 5, 2018 ·

Burn them now! (Picture by LearningLark. Modified. License CC BY 2.0)

Nice that you’ve got a roaring fireplace at home. Just to burn all those self-help books sitting idly in your private mahogany library.

Let’s face it: No self-help fad will ever make you happy at last. What else then?

Everyone is aware that business books sell through fads. Buzzwords like Excellence, Disruptive Innovation, Viral Marketing and Blue Ocean have kept the bookshops’ cash register clinging. Cling! Your wallet weights less now.

The self-help book -or “happiness”- industry works exactly the same way, i.e. through fads: Be successfulThe Secret, Paulo Coelho, “don’t give a damn”, make your home Hygge like the Danes do, or “Massage your Porcupine Pet to Instantly Feel Self-actualized”. You watch your till cowboy!

What else will work then?

Let’s get used to the idea: suffering in this world is inevitable, especially for any supporter of the New York Jets, season after season.

Buddha teached nothing else and, after ripping up his MetLife Stadium season ticket, he finally found out that the cause of our suffering is “desire“: Wishing for things to turn out differently as how they are, as for example, when we struggle to make ends meet, we don’t like our job, or the Jets lose again and we’re feeling the blues.

As one sage famously proclaimed “rich is not the one who has, but the one who’s happy with her lot”. I would love to learn to embrace my present circumstances as they are. While never losing hope (of finding an affordable apartment here in Frankfurt). I should then know perfect bliss!

Did I really ever expect an utterly easy, pleasurable life devoid of any adversity? Mark Manson would then have reviled me for being a „f*cking narcissist“. Who do I think I am, expecting to be spared from any adversity or problem while everyone else gets consistently badly battered by life -each one according to her remaining bad karma- no matter what they boast on Facebook?

I often wonder if life smokes after it f*cks me -the poet said. I really plan to enjoy my next blues, certain that they are utterly normal -everyone else does- and will last only for a while.

Accepting our share of suffering now and then seems to be the whole secret. Now burn those books!

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