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How to be a True Stoic

January 5, 2018 ยท

What’s the secret behind Mark Manson? …that modern Stoic who teaches us The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Damn?

It’s actually no rocket science…

Should you wish to count the number of times that Mark uses the F-word in this masterpiece of a book, you’d need to borrow a super-computer farm from Google. A blatant proof that Mark was educated in Oxford and took Walt Whitman as his model writer.

Mark being a true modern Stoic, it’s easier to learn the essence of Stoicism from him than through the outdated language of Seneca, Epictetus or Marcus Aurelius.

It all boils down to giving only a damn about those very few things extremely important to you while inexorably letting everything else slip off your mind and emotions like dirty grease.

Those only things we should be giving a damn about are:

  • your loved ones,
  • your job or business,
  • your health and
  • your True Passion that will self-actualize you. (See this post to know how to find your true passion)

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