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On Cannibals and Burning Your Money

January 6, 2018 ยท

Michael Rokefeller. (By HurayforZay. Modified. License CC BY-SA 4.0)

Michael Rockefeller, a member of the wealthy Rockefeller family, was eaten by cannibals in New Guinea in 1961.

How much millions did he take with him to Heaven? Not one cent. Nor did Michael succeed in having his white Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud delivered to Eden.

The Robb Report, the magazine for the super-rich, is trying to sell on Facebook as this is being writen: A $200 bottle of beer, a waterfront Miami Mansion that goes for $22 million and the Cloudbreak super-yatch with heliport. I cannot imagine the Russian and Saudi millionaires who’ll buy that shit taking the yatch, helicopter included, with them to Paradise after passing away.

There’s no one in this world who doesn’t go through his share of suffering now and then. Millionaires too. They’ll soon enough realize that the damn yatch wasn’t again the real thing that made them finally happy and will try to get rid of that burden as quickly as possible at a loss. What about your drone, iPhone X or worshiped Mercedes-Benz?

The real question is: Is giving charity just for the millionaires? Most Economists agree that if every citizen in the world would give 10% of income to charity, there would be no poverty in this planet. But just lending 10 dollars to poor people on is a good way to start making a better world.

Jeremy Basha is a Yemeni young that needs to steal fruits from neighboring fields every day in order not to starve. In the 21st century, pangs of hunger are a daily reality for thousands of citizens in Sana, Yemen. We’ll think, “I need to save money for myself and for my family.” That’s a sensible thing to do, but it does not have to prevent you from donating to highly effective charities.

Forget Unicef then and all the usual “charities” who have degraded into mere business. I’d go rather with tried-and-true charities such as Save a Child’s Heart, the Israeli surgeons who perform children surgery in poor countries and teach third-world docs how to do it the right way.

The Problem seems rather to be, that we prefer to give to our local community, to cultural projects such as sponsoring “artists” or funding an educational project in our own country, than to really make a better world where is most needed by supporting Chabad Lubavitch or where you can award microcredits of just a couple of dollars to women and men in poor countries that need to buy cattle or textiles to set up shop instead of starving.

Now back to cannibals. Not far ago, you could still buy a human head in a jar in Vanuatu, the Polynesian island. In Polynesia, the naked cannibals, wearing only a loincloth, are used to eat the brain of their deceased. The cannibal thus gets Kuru, a severe illness that turns his own brain into a sort of sponge making him mad. As a result, he ends up eating also the brain of his mother-in-law, his tax-accountant, and of his psychiatrist too -in that order. Sometimes, he might even eat his loincloth.

You could die any minute now. For example -just like Michael Rockefeller- eaten by a cannibal. We’ve sure got a couple of “Hannibal Lecters” lurking in every odd American alley waiting to have dinner “with you”. When will you then start making a better world? Are $10 that much? The clock is ticking.

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